ThunderSoft Slideshow Factory 3.5.8

ThunderSoft Slideshow Factory is an incredibly easy-to-use software package that lets you make slideshows from your pictures and videos! You can add transition effects, apply captions, play music, use clip art, and more! With over 70 different animated templates, it's easy to create slideshows and publish as SWF movie, Executable, Screen Saver. Even create a video slideshow and upload to YouTube.

ThunderSoft Studio provides Special Price for GAOTD users to get full version of ThunderSoft Slideshow Factory(just $9.99)!
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A 64-bit version

Andy Gamos, 27.02.2016, 09:33
6 votes Vote

Please show the difference between your paid-for versions and free version you offer.

Hello Thundersoft! Please accept my idea of updating your website to include a special webpage that indicates what the difference are between the "Factory" and "Free" versions you offer, because both are the same product in my eyes. Thank you for...
Gilbert Suarez, 27.02.2016, 08:28
5 votes Vote

Background Music

It would be great to be able to add multiple tracks of music for the background, selecting when to start and stop each track.
timmreck, 27.02.2016, 11:30
0 votes Vote

enhance the user interface in other languages

the prgramm is very fine but some language interfaces (french) are not translated in a professional manner.
J. Schell, 27.02.2016, 18:40
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Allow installation without Adobe Flash requirement.

Since your software also supports HTML5 as the output media format, why not have a option in the installer to skip the Adobe Flash plugin, after all, Adobe has already announced that it's discontinuing Flash in 2017 for security reasons. Thanks...
Gilbert Suarez, 27.02.2016, 08:45
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Display Photos' Orientation Based on EXIF Info

Based upon the information found in EXIF, orient the photos (Portrait or Landscape) - that way the user doesn't have to rotate any photos in order to display them!
Louis M. Ayers, 27.02.2016, 10:36
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Use EXIF Data to Orient Photos Automatically

Allow the software to access the EXIF data to determine the orientation (portrait or landscape) when displaying each photo. It could save a user a great deal of time!
Louis M. Ayers, 27.02.2016, 17:44
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Make the images link to URLs - clickable

Make the images clickable - link to urls so you can create a custom Flash navigation panel or gallery.
Brandi Jasmine, 28.02.2016, 02:26